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At Monster City Studios we combine multiple specialities to make a true one-stop-shop for marketing and themed environment design and fabrication. 

3D Sculptural Foam Signage

We specialize in rapid production of 3D Custom Foam Signage. We make our creations is Expanded Styrene Foam (Styrofoam,) High Density Urethane Foam and even wood! We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround and quality of detail and fine finishes in our foam hard coatings!

3D Character Creation

Whether it's for a museum, theme park, zoo or any other attraction, our characters are hard to beat! Adding life to any display is crutial when maintaining realisim or attacting attention. Monster City Studios is your one stop shop for all things "character." Be it hard coated foam, fiberglass or concrete, were are the only call you need to make!

Foam Sculpting & Coating

At Monster City we use the state-or-the-art FrogMill 3D 4 axis milling system. Our system has the versitility to mill detail in miniature from as small as the thousands of an inch to cutting full size 4'x4'x8' blocks of foam on our CNC FrogMill lathe. 

Concept Design

Our team of artists include 3D and traditonal sculptors, graphic design and illustration specialists as well as mater planning and architectural draftspeople and multiple mechanical and electrical engineers.

Steel Cutting & Fabrication

Our in-house steel and aluminum fabrication capacities are second to none in all of California! We have CNC laser cutters to cut up to 1" plate steel as well as robotic welders and good, old fashioned human fabricators.

Woodworking Shop

Our woodworking shop if staffed by some of the most creative carpenters in Central California, from small finish carpentry projects, to giant pirate ships, our guys have built it all!

Other Services

We also provide many other services to complete any themed environment or interactive display.


  • Model Building and Set Design

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • Digital and Physical 3D Sculpting

  • Atificial Rock and Tree Fabrication

  • Custom Playset and Interactive Play Areas


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